JD Auto Evaluation

Support evaluation and sharing (with two pictures), follow-up evaluation, service evaluation, support AI-generated evaluation content

Qinglong pull library command ql repo "jd_" "" "jdspider"

If there is a dependency error during execution, run the evaluation dependency installation task. Do not run if there are no problems.

Browser login to capture CK (PC-side CK), add variable PC_COOKIE, evaluate 10 orders each time

Capture CK at the address of www, log in and click F12 to network, do not use the command document.cookie to capture, it will be incomplete, copy all requests with cookies. (See the figure below)

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Configure environment variables
To use jdpro, you need to configure some environment variables, especially the JD (Cookie) environment variables. Here are some common environment variables that you can configure as needed:

JD_COOKIE: Cookie of the JD account, multiple accounts need to be configured separately.
PC_COOKIE: PC JD Cookie used for automatic evaluation, also needs to be configured separately.
PET_NOTIFY_CONTROL: Switch to control whether Dongdong Mengchong sends push notifications.
FRUIT_NOTIFY_CONTROL: Switch to control whether Dongdong Farm sends push notifications.
NOTIFY_AUTOCHECKCK: Control whether to automatically disable invalid CK.
JOY_FEED_COUNT: Control the number of feedings for JD Mengchong.
NOTIFY_SKIP_LIST: Control the notification of closing certain titles.
You can configure these environment variables according to your needs to achieve more personalized task management.

Each time the script is run, a maximum of 10 orders can be evaluated. The evaluation content and method are automatically handled by the script.


I. Mobile terminal
① Install the alook browser (free for Android, 6 yuan for iOS), and all the following operations are completed in this app.
② Visit in the browser and log in to your account.
③ Swipe the browser menu to the second page of the toolbox--developer tools--cookies, and click copy.

II. Computer terminal (Google kernel browsers can all be used)

  1. Open the JD website on your computer browser:

  2. Click "My/Not logged in" in the lower right corner and log in to your account.

  3. After logging in, switch to developer mode (press F12) and select Galaxy S5 (any mobile phone model will do).

  4. Then click "network" in the upper right corner, click the gray one (as shown in the figure), then click "My" again, and find and click on the one starting with "log.gif?t=wg_wx.******".

Note, if you can't find "log.gif?t=wg_wx.****", please see the red text below.

After completing the first step in the picture, remember to press F5 to refresh multiple times before proceeding to the second step!!!

  1. After clicking, scroll down in "Headers" and find the cookie, then copy it. The cookie is very long, remember to copy the entire column of the cookie.

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